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Quip | Field Days Gunnedah NSW August 2019

The highlight of the annual rural calendar, AgQuip, was back larger than ever for 2019. Australia’s premier field day at Gunnedah was a “full house”, with exhibitor sites consuming every inch of space allocated, complimented by...

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Foundry Tech | Grey Irons and SG Irons

In the last two articles, we’ve looked at Grey Irons and SG Irons. Both have varying amounts of ferrite and pearlite to adjust the physical properties such as strength and hardness. There is another family of irons with a structure known as...

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The Benefits of Local Supply

When a business is looking to have a product made, they will typically get prices from different suppliers. From there, they will decide on who they will buy from based on various considerations, such as quality, cost, lead-time, and so on....

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Queensland Mining is on the up with another new Coal Mine

The Byerwen coal mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin was officially opened this month, with the $1.76 billion mine set to deliver up to 10 million tonnes of hard coking coal per annum. Located 20 kilometres west of Glenden, Byerwen mine will employ...

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New Apprentice Moulder – Malcom Farrell

Malcolm started with us as a Year-11 school-based apprentice moulder in May this year, working once a week. As the year has progressed, Malcom decided that school wasn’t getting the best out of him, so rather than waste time just to complete the...

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Booming coking coal prices leads the way to jobs

Australia’s metallurgical coal production remained broadly unchanged in 2016-17, at 190 million tonnes, but in 2017-18, production has been forecast to increase by 3.0 per cent to 196 million tonnes in response to strong import demand from...

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AG-QUIP Gunnedah

As the gates opened on the 46th annual AgQuip on Tuesday morning, nobody quite knew what to expect with the industry crippled by drought, but the crowds poured in over the three days and were similar to the 100,000 of last year. Considering how...

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QME Roundup

Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition (QME) 2018 in July saw more than 4000 attendees visiting the event to explore the latest strategies and technologies driving productivity, profitability and protection of the industry. Craig White and Jim...

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LandForces 2018

Presented in collaboration with the Australian Army, Land Forces 2018 is an international industry expo showcasing equipment, technology and services for the armies of Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific. For the first time, White Industries has...

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Capital Investment

White Industries has always viewed the machine shop as an integral part of the business. In recent years, we have expanded the foundry as work load necessitated, so it makes sense that the same thing would have to happen with the machine shop. The...

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