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2021 Attendance Reward Ceremony

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Each year White Industries rewards staff who have stayed healthy and had less than two days off sick for the year. To be eligible, staff must have been employed for the full 12 months and This year we had 17 staff receiving a voucher from local Hedges Sports Store, presented by Craig and Bruce White. This is the 20th year in a row we have rewarded people with a total of $87,900 in rewards going to the team in rewards.

We celebrate the reward ceremony with a morning smoko BBQ. This year’s BBQ was cooked by chef Rochelle. Rochelle retired a few months back but had been BBQ chef for years so was great to have her back for the occasion.

Craig gave a special mention to Steve Gallagher, this being the first year in his 10 years at White Industries that he hadn’t received a reward.

“Hey Steve, can you just stand up for a moment. It took a heart attack to keep you away from the job and the people you love. It’s pleasing to see that he had plenty of sick leave owing while he recovered from it.” announced Craig.

Craig continued “Steve kept pushing the doctors the whole time to allow him to come back to work. Mate, it seems like a lifetime ago sitting at the hospital with you and the pair of us having a tear rolling down our cheeks. Stevo, it’s great to see you’ve bounced back from this set back in life and I’m looking forward to seeing you back in the winner’s circle next year buddy.”

In promoting staff health, we offered flu vaccinations again this year. We had some of our staff take up our offer, but it was pleasing to see that quite a few had already taken the initiative to do this before the offer was made.

With COVID-19 playing a huge part in our lives today we have encouraged all staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to create a COVID safe work environment for staff and to minimise the virus’s impact to the facility and its people.

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