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What We Do High quality engineering with specialised expertise in foundry cast components and assemblies.

  • Casting Materials

    – Ferrous, non-ferrous
    – 7,000kg in Steel- 10,000kg in Iron
    – 1,000kg in Brass and Bronze
    – 325kg in Aluminium Alloy

  • Pre-manufacture

    – Expert support
    – In-house metallurgical and material advice
    – Confidentiality of client IP
    – Tooling design & simulation

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  • Patternmaking

    – In-house pattern making
    – Timber, epoxy resin or metal tooling
    – Hand crafted & CNC machining

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  • Moulding

    – State of the art automated greensand molding
    – Jolt squeeze green sand moulding
    – Small to large chemical bonded sand moulding
    – In-house automated cold box & shell core making

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  • Melting & Heat Treatment

    – Induction furnace melting
    – Clean metal technology
    – Gas fired heat treatment facilities
    – Water quench facility

  • Machining

    – Horizontal and vertical CNC machining centres
    – CNC turning with live tooling
    – Dual spindle lathes with gantry loading
    – Manufacture of machining fixtures
    – Jobbing machining

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  • Testing

    – Magnetic particle test
    – Dye penetration testing
    – Hardness testing
    – Chemical analysis
    – Radiography and ultrasonic
    – Tensile and impact testing

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  • Fabrication

    – High quality fabrication for components and equipment
    – Custom metal fabrication
    – Grain buggy manufacture
    – Contract repairs to plant and equipment

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Proudly Australian White Industries is owned and operated in Australia

As an Australian manufacturer based in Dalby Queensland, we continuously expand our range of cost effective casting solutions across the nation. We produce castings for a wide range of industries such as: general engineering, rail, mining, automotive, road transport and agriculture just to name a few.

Shipping from Dalby is fast and hassle free, with reliable freight corridors connecting White Industries to interstate capital city markets.

Our Clients White Industries works with leading companies across many sectors

Who We Are Over 200 Years of Foundry Experience

White Industries are one of Australia’s most advanced foundry businesses, producing highly specialised castings in Queensland for a range of companies around the world.

Owned and operated by the founding family, White Industries has expanded over the past 55 years to offer the most advanced moulding, pattern making, fabrication, machining and casting technologies.

White Industries is an ISO Quality Endorsed company and operates a quality management program to comply with ISO standard 9001:2015

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