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White Industries Helps to Tighten Supply Chain 

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Recently, White Industries dispatched one of their largest orders on record and was dependably delivered on time, directly to the customer’s mine site in Western Australia.

  • 135 different patterns were examined and checked
  • 402 individual castings produced
  • Total shipped weight of 105 tons

Delivery time was critical to coincide with a pre-programmed shutdown to refurbish the discharge chutes with new high-quality, wear-resistant, alloy white iron wear plates.

From quoting through to delivery, each step of the production process was scrutinised and monitored to ensure the final castings were the highest quality possible. But that wasn’t enough to ensure a successful job. Alloy white iron is sensitive to thermal and physical shocks, so unique processes were developed to ensure no damage would occur at any stage of the process, from shot blasting to riser removal, to heat treatment and final fettling.

Final gauging for flatness and bolthole dimensions was critical to ensure the plates mount correctly to the frame, without causing uneven point loading, which would lead to plate breakage.

Special packing lists were employed to pack all the components on the pallets in a specific order, so that at the mine site the plates were unloaded straight into their mounting positions at the appropriate chute, eliminating double handling.

The two road trains, each with three trailers full of castings, traversed the country in a mere four and a half days, arriving in perfect condition unaffected by the obstacles of COVID-19.

The shutdown refurbishment at the client’s mine site was successfully completed without a hitch. This is just one example of how White Industries can cater a casting solution to your specific business requirements, and help your company to achieve maximum return on your existing assets.

White Industries continue to thrive on supplying Australian OEM’s and can be your Australian-based manufacturer of choice in supporting your supply chain with the highest quality and efficiency.

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