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White Industries and Neumann Contractors produce the Bucket wheel for a New Dredge

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Neumann Contractors are the premier dredge manufacturers in this part of the world and one of White Industries’ most successful and oldest customers, running their business on the Gold Coast since 1948.

In recent times business has diversified for both companies, but as ever we find our expertise in building dredges is still something that keeps both companies closely aligned. White Industries is providing Neumann with premier castings for their projects.

The complete bucket wheel

One of the Neumann Dredges in position and in full operation

Recently both companies teamed up to produce the bucket wheel for the latest dredge in the Neumann Fleet. The wheel, buckets and teeth were cast at White Industries in Dalby, and the Neumann team led by Allen Basson and Kevin Crombie assembled and finished the wheel, which they then fitted in position on the dredge.

Jim with Neumann Contractors, Kevin and Allen standing in front of the Bucket Wheel.

The ongoing business relationship between both companies continues to bear fruit and follow up orders have since been placed. Both businesses have shown again, that by working together alot of value can be added to the Australian economy, through securing local employment, improving business stability and successfully producing a quality product to be used in the region.

White Industries continues to work closely with all of its customers to help build our businesses in a mutually beneficial way and look forward to continued growth with our friends at Neumann Contractors.

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