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We Enrich our Capabilities through Co-operation

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White Industries has formed many long-standing partnerships and friendships over the years, Shute–Upton Engineering being one of those. Shut-Upton like White Industries, have been in business for over 60 years and in that time have collaborated on many jobs.

White Industries offers a huge range of cast products in a vast range of materials and Shute-Upton Engineering is a leader in precision and general engineering, specialising in all areas of gears, winches and other heavy industrial components.

When we team up, White Industries and Shute-Upton Engineering enhance and mutually broaden each other’s capabilities and extend our service offers, nationwide.

Talk to Tony Wright or Glenn Russell at Shute-Upton [email protected] or Jim Stevenson  at White Industries [email protected] next time you need a gear or winch job cast and machined. Together both companies ensure casting and machining excellence in all areas.

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