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Our Heat Treatment Facilities

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White Industries operates six natural gas-fired heat treatment ovens and an agitated water quench facility to provide a wide range of thermal treatments such as annealing, stress relief, normalising, hardening and tempering. All ovens are fitted with digital controllers that are programmed for precise heating rates and hold times. The ovens are equipped with digital recorders to maintain traceability of thermal cycles.

This enables White Industries to offer our customers steel and iron castings to exacting specifications, as well as a subcontracted heat treatment service.

Please contact us for further information or if you require a quote for heat treatment.

The usable dimensions and operating temperatures are as follows:

Oven ID Internal Height (mm) Internal Width (mm) Internal Diagonal (back wall to front door sill) (mm)               Internal Depth (mm) Internal Diam (mm) Temp Range (°C) Comment                            
N°1 1520 2800 2130 1500 200-640  
N°2 1550 2800 2150 1500 600-1100  
N°3 1040 1460 1790 1460 600-1100  
N°4 900 1980 600-1100  
N°5 1550 1580 2610 2100 100-700  
N°6 1580 1770 2370 4200 100-1100  
N°7 1550 1580 2610 2100 150-300  
Quench 3500 Wide 2500 Deep 2500 Deep Total quench water capacity with expansion tank 32,000 litres, with evaporative cooling tower.


As always, if you have any new or existing manufacturing requirements, or just wish to ask a question, do not hesitate to give our hard-working team a call. They are always more than happy to help explain the foundry and its processes.

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