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Launch of new designed 30 ton Grain Buggy

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White Industries have been designing and producing innovative grain buggies for the agricultural market since the early 70’s. Our latest offering sees the familiar functionality, but a dramatic change in design and capacity.

Early bin designs were limited to approximately 100 bags or eight tons on a single axle. We can now offer 30 ton bins, on a special design rocking beam with dual axle. This new design allows for 40 degrees of osculation, or in layman’s terms 700mm of travel.

The other radical change decends from the automotive industry, with bolting sections of the bin together instead of welding. This innovation allows us to be the only Australian manufacturer to powder coat their bins instead of painting them. The automotive industry has been using this method since the turn of the century and has stood the test of time.

Other key features are:

  • No rams or hydraulics oils inside the bin
  • Large sight glasses front and rear of the bin
  • Oversize door on rear of bin for easy access
  • 18 inch augers with 19 inch diameter barrel
  • Emptying time of 12 ½ ton per minute

Field Trials of the new bin were carried out during the last wheat harvest in northern NSW with great success. The farm testing the bin was so impressed with it’s performance, they have decided to purchase it. We have another two bins currently in production for the upcoming harvest.

If you are interested in one or would like to know more about them give Neil White a call on Ph 1300 825 980 or mob 0427 623 376 or email [email protected]

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