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Healthy Workers are Happy Workers!

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Each year White Industries rewards staff who have stayed healthy and have also worked with White’s for a full 12 months. This year, 16 staff earned either a $400 for no absence or a $200 voucher for one day of absence, to spend at our local Dalby Home Hardware. As dictated by tradition, the vouchers were presented by our directors during the traditional morning smoko BBQ. This is the 19th year operating the reward system, and White Industries have enjoyed a great response from staff with nearly $82,000 in prizes distributed.

As this year has been like no other with COVID, White Industries provided an additional employee wellness benefit, offering flu vaccinations to all staff.  Along with those who had pro-actively received one, the company managed to attain 75% coverage of staff members having flu shots. No doubt, this has assisted in people staying healthly and keeping foundry productivity high during such an uncertain time.

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