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Gladstone’s future: Alumina 2023

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Alpha HPA has recently been approved to construct a large-scale industrial plant on a government-backed 9.2-hectare site in Gladstone in early 2023, costing approximately $300m.

HPA is the pure form of aluminium oxide, and its desired physical properties include extreme hardness, thermal conductivity and chemical stability. High purity alumina provides the raw materials for low-carbon growth industries, including LED lighting and lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

Gladstone will be set to receive 120 jobs created locally and a new state export industry for a key resource used worldwide in new-economy manufacturing.

Alpha HPA plans to produce 10,000 tonnes of HPA equivalent annually at Gladstone using their proprietary licenced solvent extraction and refining technology. This process has lower environmental impacts and includes recycling the chemical reagents used in the alumina purification process.

White Industries welcomes Alpha HPA, and with substantial customers in Central Queensland in the alumina industries, White Industries looks forward to future growth in the City of Gladstone, with our friends and colleagues in the Industry.

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