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Fire Brigade Familiarisation/Audit evening

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Captain Peter Mauch and around 20 fire personal attended the evening.

Three fire trucks visited site, two trucks performed a fire drill using their own water supply and the third truck tested the in-ground fire hydrant for accessibility, flow and pressure.

Jason Manteit our Machine Shop Manager showed them through the machine shop, including where they can and can’t spray water, access doorways and isolation points for electricity. Locations were also noted for the chemical storage sheds outside and the two large pattern storage sheds running adjacent to the Machine Shop.

Mick Shelford our Foundry Manager took them through the Pattern Shop and Foundry showing the power supply termination points, transformer locations/isolators, mains gas inlets/isolators and general layout of each area and their respected fire hazards. The main plant/equipment and energy inputs were noted in each of these areas.

In total they spent 2 hours performing the familiarisation / audit on site making sure we have every thing in order and our registered details updated to current status. This will help ensure a smoother operation for our local Fire Brigade in the unlikely event of an emergency situation.

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