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A generational family affair: Wise Agricultural Co. David & Jeremy, take delivery of Grain Buggies from the White Brothers, Neil & Craig

Wise move to buy up grain buggies

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Wise Agricultural Co. have 6,000 acres to harvest on their prime Darling Downs properties, and count on White Industries’ new GB30 Grain Buggy to get their bumper sorghum crop from paddock to silo.

Over the years Wise have purchased multiple grain buggies from us and as a testament to the high quality of White Industries’ design and manufacturing, the outgoing bins are over 33 years old.

The first is a GB2001 20t, which was the first 20 ton bin and also the largest White Industries had manufactured at the time. It was constructed by Neil White himself, back in 1982 and this exact bin also happened to be his first job when he started his Boilermaking trade.

The other is a GB2201, which was our prototype 22t bin purchased new in 1984. Trucks at that time could hold a 22t payload, so this design represented a significant efficiency to the farmer by having a grain bin that could hold the same amount as the truck.

We are pleased to be continuing our ongoing relationship with the Wise Family for many more decades to come.

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