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Loading Wear Liners for delivery to one of our major customers in WA

Wear Liners Going West

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Mineral processing can be very wearing on prime equipment due to the material processed being very abrasive. Wear liners in high chromium iron are one of White Industries’ specialities. Our customer in this case had a very tight lead time, so we directly delivered to their mine site to achieving the deadline without compromising on quality. A great result achieved by direct lines of communication between the customer’s purchasing team and our production team making the difference.

In the mining industry, things can be tough on both people and equipment. For many years White Industries has supplied both sub-contractors and mine sites with the componentry they need to make life onsite a little easier.
Next time you’re in a jam, whether it’s DOT, quality or just a difficult casting, be sure to talk to our team at White Industries, we’re here to help find your solution.
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