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The Revival in Australian Manufacturing

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The Coronavirus pandemic could be the catalyst to revive the Australian Manufacturing Industry nationwide. This is an opportunity to reduce the nation’s reliance on global supply chains and give us a robust sovereign capability, particularly in a time of crisis.

We should be less reliant on overseas suppliers and should be manufacturing more product locally, to enable the country to be more self-sufficient. Australian industry has the capability, and when we are hit with a crisis situation like COVID-19, it shows that we do need a sovereign manufacturing capability in this country.

And there are already signs of the nation’s Manufacturing Industry coming back to life more and more each week. At White Industries, enquiries for sand castings have too been building over the last seven months.

Global defence Companies with a significant presence in Australia such as BAE Systems, Naval Group, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin have been heavily focused on the health and safety of staff in their home countries including the United Kingdom, United States and France.

Australia fortunately, has not been as hard hit by the Coronavirus, opening the doors in many areas to providing a local supply chain, not only to defence but mining, shipbuilding, rail, pump and agricultural industries.

Companies like Rheinmetall and NOIA in Queensland in the Defence sector, the rail network companies across Australia and the large mining companies are all turning to see what can be manufactured from Australia.

There is more investment to come from the infrastructure spend from governments at every level, as Australia tries to come out of recession.

However, as almost all domestic supply chains have relied on imported components and materials in the past, the pandemic is exposing Australia’s reliance on other nations, many of which have been far more seriously affected.

Hopefully, this will lead to a refocus on local manufacturing, and will kick-off a renewed focus on the Australian manufacturing industry.

Cast components suppliers are traditionally selected based mainly on price alone, not focusing enough on quality and supply. This needs to change, particularly in the defence sector with the quality of Australian made parts generally matching or exceeding that of overseas suppliers.

At White Industries there is continued investment in equipment and personnel to enhance an already impressive Foundry and CNC operation. What could you get manufactured in Dalby, Queensland that can reduce your supply chain risk in the future?

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