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Grain Buggy Ready for Delivery

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White Industries first started producing grain buggies in the late ’70s with a bin holding 100 bags, or in today’s terms, an 8-ton buggy. Nowadays, a White Industries Grain Buggy holds 36 tons of grain to keep up with the ever-increasing capacity of modern headers.

In the last two weeks, two existing customers have upgraded their smaller bins to the new 36 ton models. Craig delivered one to Condamine farmers Robbie and Miranda Ronnfeldt. They put the buggy straight to work and have now finished harvesting the 3000 + acres of wheat.

The second bin was delivered 35km north of Narrabri, to a little town called Edgeroi where Ben and Trish Kelly use it for contract harvesting.

White Industries currently have a 36-ton grain buggy ready for delivery from the Dalby manufacturing facility. So don’t delay and call Craig White on 1300 825 980 to secure it today!

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