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Four Reasons Why We are Industry Leaders (and why you should choose us)

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1. Proudly Australian Made and Owned: White Industries are a family owned business established in 1960, and manufacturing here in Australia. We offer competitive prices for our reputable, high quality products, alleviating the need to look off shore for your products and therefore avoiding the associated problems that potentially occur when dealing with overseas companies such as language barriers, time zone differences and longer delivery timelines.

2. Always Investing In the Future: We are committed to continually invest in cutting edge foundry practices and technology, ensuring we are manufacturing the highest quality product as efficiently as possible. This in turn allows us to be able to cater for all varieties of projects regardless of size and be able to do so in a cost effective manner, making our products price competitive in the industry. By investing in new and improved production equipment and methods, we are encouraging company growth and the flexibility to change, leading to a greater market share and offering your business the best possible service and products.

3. Your Product and Us: We are passionate about the service we provide and offer specialised expert advice on all your project specifics. As our client, you will be directly involved with your project from start to finish and will be liaising directly with our staff throughout the entire process, ensuring you have complete ownership of your product. We provide personable, customised, in-house services from product development and production capabilities, assistance in design for effective manufacturing and cost control and have the ability to accept product designs in most electronic formats.

4. Providing solutions to client-led problems: White Industries comes with over 200 years of experience. Our team specialises in being able to work with your customised requirements and troubleshoot any problems which you may face with your specifications. We have the ability to be your ideal technological partner by developing your product specific to your needs, not just for what the market currently demands, but considering possible future demands too, helping your business be at the forefront of your particular industry.

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