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Bank Security & Avoiding Scams

Helping our customers avoid falling victim to scams is a top priority. It is important you read this message, and review your internal process for updating billing arrangements, such as payment/supplier account details, especially if you are receiving the requests via email.

There has been an increase in the number of Australian businesses reporting that company email addresses have been compromised and/or impersonated, leading to fraudulent instructions being sent to recipients, requesting account detail changes or payment redirection.

These fraudulent emails may contain an attachment(s), such as letters with signatures purporting to be from a CFO or CEO, in attempt to trick you into believing the request is genuine.

To avoid falling victim to this scam:

  • White Industries has had the same bank account for over 20 years and sees no change to it into the distant future.
  • Always verbally confirm BSB and account number changes or payment requests, regardless of who you think the sender may be.
  • Never use the contact details or links provided in the email request. Only use contact information available from a trusted source, such as a phone book or company website.
  • Share this information with anyone in your organisation who has access to online banking and is authorised to make or create payments on behalf of you or your business.
Want more information?
Read and share this Scamwatch article with your staff for further information on reported cases.

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